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Work Flow and Steps

Each slot is destined for ONE cover and runs through 1 working week (5 days). To access the Booking Form, please click on the "Book a Slot" button.


After gathering all the cover information, I create a sketch / mockup that includes all the elements in a raw stage, like a basic collage.

The purpose of this mockup is for you to let me know if you're happy with everything or if you want me to make any changes (composition, clothing, face, etc). At this stage, if you feel the need, you may request 1 free change to the initial mockup.

Further change requests to the mockup stage will have an extra cost of $30 per change.

Once the mockup is approved, I move on to renders and work the Photoshop post-processing part; then I'll present you the final cover preview.

Any changes requested to the final cover preview will have extra costs. The cost will depend on the amount and/or complexity of the changes you request.


Massive change requests done to the final cover might have to be re-booked due to the time consumption demand and it will be subjected to my availability.

This is why I stress the importance of getting everything right in the mockup stage.

Services & Pricing

Book Covers

  • Ebook Base Price: $250 USD

  • Paperback Add-on: plus $50 USD

  • Extra characters (per character): $50 USD

* Extra characters: Humans or any fantasy being; large animals; complex animals or beings usually bigger or the same size as a cat.



  • Full book cover design HD

  • Full book cover design standard size

  • Separated title in PNG (solid color)

  • Blank HD artwork in JPEG


  • Paperback Add-on: $50 USD

  • Audiobook (from existing cover): $50 USD

  • Boxset (from existing covers): $50 USD

  • Boxset ( new design): $250 USD

  • Boxset 3D Mockup: $50

  • Hard Cover: $50 over paperback price

  • Dust-Jacket: $50 over paperback price

  • Vella (from existing cover): $50 USD

  • Vella (new design): $250 USD (extra character(s) fee applied)

  • Bookmark: $40 USD

  • Social Media / Ad banners: $20 USD

interior design

• Chapter Header & Page Breaker: $40

* Design created with a mix of vectorized elements and hand drawn elements. 

Design does not include the "Chapter" text.

• Full page design (introductory page): $90


Each cover artwork is created through an elaborate process using stock photography, 3D elements and original digital painting.

My resource sources come from: ShutterStock, Depositphotos,, Envato and occasionally from other reliable stock websites. If requested, I may show proof of purchase and stock origin.

  • Payment for my services is done via PayPal, before delivering the final approved files.

  • Payment failure will result in no files delivery and the factual refusal to work with said client again in the future.

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