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General Digital Art & Illustration


CD cover artwork and full layout | Book cover artwork and full layout

Artwork for Calendars, Puzzles, Posters, etc.

Personal artwork licensing

Please consult the Calendar and book me through the Contact Form or send an e-mail to info@anacruz-arts.com.

In case you're on a tight schedule but the timeline you're looking for is already booked, contact me and we will come to an agreement either way.


Budget is different, depending on the project itself, the complexity and time consumption it will take to be created. Regarding big company clients, budget will be provided by them.


In order to avoid major changes to the final project, I usually share Work-In-Progress previews to make sure I'm following the direction that the client requires.

Major change requests in the final project will have extra costs regarding the original budget.

Also, if required, an Invoice and Image Release Form can be issued.


Payment can be done via PayPal or Bank Account Transfer.

Payment is done before delivering the final files.

For first time clients, a payment percentage is required before starting the project.


For further questions or information, please contact me.



Selected Clients: Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Ravensburger, Korsch Verlag, Scholastic, Difference Music, Zoltan Entertainment, Hardice Management, Insomniac Productions, BrainTicket Records, F.X. Schmid, Open Field, Realm Press, Ink Monster, Simms Books, Pants On Fire Press, among others.