What's a Custom Premade Cover?

• It's a premade cover tailored especially for you, following the description of what you'd like to see portrayed on the cover.

What are the differences between a full custom cover and a custom premade cover?

• On a full custom cover, you hire me to create a specific custom cover for you. I send you previews and we have constant feedback during the whole process.

On a custom premade cover, you simply fill the form with all the pertinent information and send it to me. If I decide to create that cover I will do it during my free time between booked Custom Covers. There is no time range nor deadline to create that particular cover.

Once the Cover is finished, I will contact you and you'll be the first person to see it. If you like it as it is, you'll be able to purchase it. In case you don't like it, there are no strings attached and you don't have to purchase the cover; I will put it for sale as a regular premade cover.

There will be no feedback during the creation process and no revisions will be accepted.

I will not create extremely specific covers that could jeopardize its potential sale, in case you don't compromise to it once it's ready - covers with a very specific theme that wouldn't fit the majority of potential buyers.

Since there are no revisions, no strings attached and it's solely my creativity ruling throughout the process, the standard price will tend to fall on the Custom's base price.

Base Price is $200 but may increase, considering the cover complexity, number of characters and the possibility of extensive stock expenses.

Custom Premade Form

Thank you for your submission!