Ana Cruz is a professional digital artist from Portugal, Europe.
The artist has 15 years experience and professional expertise in book cover artwork & CD cover artwork.

Ana started completely self-taught, driven by her immense passion for the arts and the will to learn with discipline, all the digital wonders that would allow her to evolve and become the artist you currently know.

Still eager to learn even more, Ana meanwhile got a degree in Graphic Design and Arts, in order to enlarge her areas of expertise and also, to refine her artistic vision and general skills.
She currently devotes her full time to work as a professional artist, working for Publishing Companies, Indie Authors and music bands / labels.

In her personal art, Ana always aims to achieve a mixture of dark fantasy and dramatic romance, occasionally with a surreal twist, always portraying the beauty of darkness, in order to make it appealing and alluring. Her art captures the deepest secrets of human souls, secret realms and dream worlds, always with a dramatic story behind every scenery. A story which someone can always relate to.


A few selected clients: Penguin Random House, Scholastic, Harper Collins, Ravensburger, Korsch Verlag, Difference Music, Zoltan Entertainment, Hardice Management, Insomniac Productions, BrainTicket Records, F.X. Schmid, Open Field, Ink Monster, Simms Books, Pants On Fire Press, Monster House Books, among many others.

Honors & Features

• 2009 / 2016 - Represented in 8 collective Art Shows; 3 in New York City - USA, 1 in Miami - USA, 1 in Los Angeles - USA, 2 in Paris - France and 1 in Porto - Portugal


• 2006 / 2019 - A total of 14 Daily Deviation awards given by the Art Community


• 2010 / 2014 - A total of 8 Daily Featured awards given by the Art Community


• 2013 - Editor's Choice award with the artwork Queen of a Dead Red Heart given by the Art Community


• 2013 - Art of the Day award with the artwork A Dream Within a Nightmare given by the Art Community the


• 2013 - Editor's Choice award with the artwork Queen of a Dead Red Heart given by the Art Community


• 2012 - Featured Portfolio award given by the Art Community


• 2009 - Represented by Ravensburger Puzzles (Germany) in Nuremberg International Toy Fair


• 2008 - First place in Victoria Francés' themed contest


• 2006 - Best Photomanipulator award given by the art magazine Future Art Magazine


• Adobe Software (currently version CC) - Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and InDesign

• Daz Studio 3D

• Also with knowledge of Corel Draw, Macromedia Freehand and QuarkXPress

• Graphic tablet - Wacom Cintiq 24HD

• Canon EOS 450D + several lenses & filters

• Imagination, hard work, investigation, discipline and passion

©Ana Cruz Arts - All Rights Reserved - No Unauthorized Use

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